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The post is devoted to the Wpf application that shows emulated real-time data in charts. It could be used as base for monitoring application, when data service provide real data like, for example, number of http requests or CPU temperature. OxyPlot library is used for chart controls, as it is lightweight and easy to use. Full code is accessible on GitHub Blog repository.

Solution uses C 6. Net 4. TypeLibraryand OxyPlot chart control. Solution contains one Wpf application project. The main part of the application is chart repository — the object that receives data from services, parses and provides it to consumers. Data service emulates data, but in real-world example it reads data from external source, and put it to repository.

Data service is controlled by application, and there are several instances could be executed. User controls consume data from repository and update charts. Properties are used by consumers, that in this application are view models for user controls.

LineCountList provides one-dimensional series as values for some process. Repository keeps not great than values. Data services use AddLineCount to add new value. ColumnCountList provides two-dimensional data like the set of pairs index, valueand could be used as distribution of process values. Data services use AddColumnCount to add pair index, new value.

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The instance of repository should be singleton. Lifetime of this object is controlled by DI container. In addition, base interface INotifyPropertyChanged allows inform consumers that properties were changed and could be used in Wpf data binding mechanism.

Wpf application is done in MVVM pattern with one main window. Relatively, main window view model contains two properties with view models for child controls:. Data service could be described by IService interface. Data service is implemented by ChartService class. It inherits IService interface, and uses DispatcherTimer object and, when it ticks, emulates data by using random generators:.

Unity is used as dependency container. As was mentioned above, main window view model keeps view models for child controls, and these properties are expected to be resolved via dependency injection.This tutorial demonstrates how to draw various charts including line chart, bar chart, column chart, area chart, scatter chart, and pie chart using WPF and C.

This article demonstrates how to draw charts using the WPF Toolkit. This toolkit may be a part of WPF in near future versions. After that, you need to add a reference to an assembly. To add a reference, right-click the References folder of your project in Solution Explorer and select Add Reference. This action will open the Add Reference dialog as you can in the following Figure 1.

On this dialog, select Browse option and browse the System. This assembly resides in the Binaries folder. Toolkit added to your References dialog as you see in Figure 2. Charting namespaces to the page. Select and add both of them to your page as you can see in Figure 3.

As you can see here, I added name of this reference to ToolkitRef. To add a Chart control to your page, just select the Chart control from the list.

oxyplot bar chart

The list of charting related elements looks like Figure 4. Series to BarSeries. As you see, the binding is occurred on Key and Value fields of a data source. Same data can be used for other chart types. Series to ColumnSeries. As you may see, the binding is occurred on Key and Value fields of a data source.

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Series to LineSeries. Series to ScatterSeries. Series to AreaSeries. The code snippet in Listing 13 adds a linear axis to the chart with its orientation, title, font and other properties. I have a class Fruit that looks like Listing It has two members Name and Share. New output looks like Figure View All. Mahesh Chand Updated date Aug 28, Now, the next step is to import the System.

The final reference added to the page looks like following. The Series attribute of the Chart element is used to create a chart type. The code snippet in Listing 2 creates a bar chart by setting Chart. The code snippet in Listing 3 creates a collection in KeyValuePair form and sets the ItemsSource property of the chart series.

The code snippet in Listing 4 creates a column chart by setting Chart. The code snippet in Listing 5 creates a collection in KeyValuePair form and sets the ItemsSource property of the chart series.Which library is the best way to start woking with graph design for cross platform?

If it is not possible then which libraries dll files are more suitable for androidios and windows separate design? Hi Prabakaran Ramasamy. Is that syncfusion is free to use. I saw that it is not free one.

We need to download the trial version for one month and work on that syncfusion studio. I would like to know is there any package apart from oxyplot we can use them and design graphs,piecharts by adding the package or adding the components to xamarin studio. For android it's better to use any free Java Chart library and build a binding for it.

You can also make use of JNI. I prefer OxyPlot or XLabs. As my suggestion, they are free, safe and simple. Thanks for your help.

You may check Syncfusion community license. Here is a video that will show you how:. And for Xamarin. Any good suggestion? I can't see the whole and actual chart the same thing in the video that you created. Please help. HoussemDellai Any updates for iOS? Please help anyone. I want Pie graph in only Anroid in xamarin. How can i get it in only android without crossplatform. Have you looked into Syncfusion? I thought I couldn't afford it, but then I found out about their free community license.

If you have less than 5 developers and earn less than a million dollars, you can download the full version and it's completely FREE! Xamarin Inc.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I'm working with the Xamarin Forms code. I tried this with OxyPlot for Xamarin.

Forms iOS, The develop branch does not have any Xamarin. SLN files, nor OxyPlot.

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My question is whether support for Xamarin Forms is going to be dropped? I tried the simple chart but it crashes in ReflectionExtensions, AddRange because propertyName is null. Why is it null? What is AddRange for? AddRange copies from source enumerable to target List. If the source is a simple list of String as in this examplethere is no field in the source element--it's just a string.

Once I make this change, the bar chart works fine. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue.

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Jump to bottom. Labels bug need-more-info. Copy link Quote reply. Platform: Xamarin Forms application on Android Expected behaviour ItemSource should be able to take a list of strings, like the example. Actual behaviour Crash with null pointer.Gala wrote at Nirraven wrote at I would like to create a bar chart, in order to estimate a Histogram.

I would like to have bar a chart in a linear vs. Then I would have in the bottom axis the values and in the left axis the frequency of occurence of the values in the interval defined by the bar basis. It should be possible to serialize the PlotModel, but I am not sure if I would recommend it The data structure may change I think the client application should be responsible for this, using its own model.

I'm interested in hearing other opinions on this! I noticed that in the MouseDown example, if I enable curve smoothing, I can add new points but get an exception when trying to move a points around. Is there an alternate way to get the index of the nearest point? I have some measurements in my database which are angles, measured in degrees. Is the symbol included in the font you are using?

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This discussion was imported from CodePlex. Apparently OxyPlot. Plot is deprecated, amongst other errors. Can anyone point me in the direction of a change log as I can't seem to find any? Need a map between build numbers and hg changeset numbers Gala wrote at Hi!

Thank you for oxyPlot, it's really amazing Im working with real time data and sometimes get strange error: System. NullReferenceException: in OxyPlot. What platform are you on?

oxyplot bar chart

Can you add some code that reproduces the error? Gala wrote at I'm using wpf. ToDouble currentTime ,value ; PlotModel. Add tradeToDisplay ; Thanks. Can you try locking the PlotModel. SyncRoot when changing the model? Gala wrote at Thank you!The code is licensed under the MIT license. This is a very permissive and corporate friendly license. See opensource. The core library is a Portable Class Library that can be used on different platforms. Android, Xamarin.

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Forms and Xamarin. See the supported platforms section in the documentation. OxyPlot contains many different types of axes and series. If you need some functionality that is not included in the library, you can also create a derived class and override the rendering implementation. The plots can be exported to file formats like pngpdf and svg. See the features section for more information. See the getting started section for more information about each platform. Make sure you reference and initialize the OxyPlot platform renderers, otherwise you will see nothing.

See getting started with Xamarin Forms for more information.

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The Example Library contains examples that can be used on all platforms. The documentation can be found at oxyplot. Use Stack Overflow if you have questions regarding the library. You can also try the chat room or the Xamarin forum. Feature requests and bug reports should be added to the issues section at GitHub. Please do not use the issues section for questions.

News about the library can be found under announcements. There is also an atom feed for the posts. This project is continuously evolving and any kind of help is greatly appreciated. See the contributions page for more information about how to get involved. A cross-platform plotting library for. OxyPlot is a cross-platform plotting library for.

The documentation is located at oxyplot. Features OxyPlot contains many different types of axes and series.OxyPlot also supports other kinds of plots, including scatter, column, pie, area, heat map, and contour.

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Refer to the OxyPlot documentation for the full list of supported plot types. I also recommend downloading the OxyPlot source code and running the sample application.

It showcases many of the plot types and features of OxyPlot. You can easily modify the scripts from previous sections to show these new plots. The column plot shows you the data as vertical columns.

The label of each category should be the ID of the beam. To create the series, you first create a ColumnSeries object.

oxyplot bar chart

Again, you are only interested in the non-setup beams from the plan. Finally, these items are added to the Items property of the series. This is the default look. Remember that you can change almost anything about a plot.

For column plots, you can change things like their color, outline, and the space between columns. There is also a BarSeries object that shows the columns horizontally rather then vertically. Then, update the AddSeries method to the following:. As before, you obtain the non-setup beams. Next, you create a PieSlice object for each beam, passing it a label in this case, the beam ID and a value in this case, the MU.

You then add each slice to the series and finally add the series to the PlotModel. The format of the outside labels is specified by the OutsideLabelFormat property of the PieSeries object. The format is specified as a composite format string, which uses placeholders that are replaced when displayed to the user.

The placeholders representing numerical values can themselves be formatted to show or hide their decimal parts. In fact, the following example will show you how to plot the dose distribution of a plan as a color wash.

The DockPanel is another kind of panel, like the Grid, but allows its items to be docked or stacked in a specific way.

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An interesting property of the DockPanel is that, by default, the last element is resized to fill any remaining space. Because the PlotView is the last element, it will be resized automatically as the window is resized. The Slider will let the user choose the plane index of the dose matrix. The Value of the slider is data-bound to the PlaneIndex property of the view model. This means that as the user moves the slider, the PlaneIndex will be updated automatically. The minimum and maximum values of the slider will represent the lowest and highest plane indexes.

The heat map requires a LinearColorAxis, which describes how the colors will be shown. The x- and y-axes are the same as before, except for the titles.

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